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How To Use A CBD Tincture

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A pure CBD tincture is different than CBD oil. Although both offer the same potential benefits of CBD, like less anxiety, inflammation, depression and stress, they are different.

Do not confuse a tincture with a CBD oil, which is made differently during the hemp-CBD extraction process.

Either way, the oil and the pure tincture both less than .3 percent to 0 percent THC (the extract from the cannabis plant that can make you feel high).

Both can be added to food or drinks or sublingually (under the tongue), but you should never vape a tincture.

Most tinctures tell you to put the CBD under your tongue for good reason. Such as, when you place an essential oil or CBD under your tongue and let it sit there for a short period of time, it allows the blood vessels under your tongue to absorb the oil and quickly distribute it to the rest of your body.

As a result, it helps the tincture to produce calming effects and pain relief faster and more effectively.

It should be noted, as with starting any new supplement, please first check with your health professional.

Especially if you are currently taking prescription medications.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Tincture?

You may have heard of, or even tried, CBD oil.

Actually, a pure CBD tincture is different. Oil and a tincture are almost the same, but the process used to make each is slightly different. So, technically, they are anything but identical.

However, they both come from the same plant, which is cannabis/hemp. 

In fact, the extracted CBD in oils and tinctures both come from the hemp plant.

Because of that, both have all the possible health benefits of the cannabis plant, without any psychoactive compounds like THC, which is found in marijuana.

The extraction process itself is what sets apart an oil from a tincture.

If you are unaware of what the term extraction means, it is an overall name for the entire process of taking the cannabidiol (CBD) out of the cannabis plant.

As mentioned, the main difference between oil and tincture is what is used to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant.

With this in mind, let's go deeper into the extraction processes.

Best CBD Isolate

A CBD tincture becomes a CBD isolate. Check out our review of the best CBD isolate products for women on the market today.

Comparison Chart: CBD Oil vs. Tincture





Coconut, MCT, olive or hemp seed oils 


CBD Potency

Lower potency/ concentration of CBD

Higher potency/concentration of CBD


Sublingually (under the tongue), add to food and liquis, vape

Sublingually (under the tongue), add to food and liquids, do not vape


Many don't like the taste, texture

Tastes better


Typically lower

Typically higher

Classification from FDA

Dietary supplement

Dietary supplement

CBD pure tincture

What is CBD Tincture?

First, a tincture is defined as a medication that is kept in alcohol. The tincture form has been around for a long time.

Actually, it's and age-old method to extract the potentially medicinal value from herbs and plants. In this case, we are referring to using the cannabis plant's flowers and leaves as the basis of the tincture. 

Like a CBD oil, a tincture is also derived from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant--just in a different way.

However, when making a tincture, 60-70% distilled alcohol pulls the CBD from the plant. This is done over low heat so that the alcohol burns out, leaving the isolate CBD.

Afterwards, the concentrated CBD is usually mixed with another oil for ease of delivery. These oils could be MCT, coconut or hemp seed oil for example.

The alcohol soak process does change the CBD mixture in these ways in that the tincture:

  • Has a higher CBD potency than oil
  • Provides higher bio-availability
  • Allows a longer shelf life than oil

In this article, we are focusing in on a pure CBD tincture. That means there are very few additional ingredients in the tincture, like essential oils or vitamins/supplements.

As a result, pure tinctures are highly concentrated and tend to cost more than CBD oil.  

In other words, you won't need as much CBD with a tincture than with an oil.

Delivery of CBD Tincture

Tinctures can easily and discretely be added to foods or drinks.

Do NOT vape tinctures.

Cost of CBD Tincture

Compared to oil, tinctures tend to cost more because it is a much more concentrated product.

Couple on a hike taking CBD oil

CBD Extraction for an Oil

Instead of alcohol, CBD oil comes about through supercritical CO2 extraction or infusion with some sort of carrier oil. 

The most common oils used are:

To clarify, what you need to know right now is that for this form, the CBD is suspended in oil rather than alcohol (like the tincture).

As a result, CBD oil happens to be the most potent, and also the most expensive, of all CBD forms.

Delivery of CBD Oil

Oil can easily and discretely be added to foods or drinks, taken by mouth and vaped.

Cost of CBD Oil

Compared to tinctures, CBD oil tends to cost more because it is less concentrated.

Best Alcohol CBD Tinctures

Below is a list of some of the best pure tinctures and information on each of the products and their ingredients.

When you look at these tinctures, pay attention to the milligrams of CBD compared to the capacity of the bottle (i.e. 1000mg in a 30ml bottle).

Something else you should pay attention to is the ingredients list. 

The pure tinctures listed below are all organic and are great brands. If you look at other tinctures not mentioned, keep in mind those aspects we talked about, and you should be fine.

Most of these are high potency; that is usually the case with tinctures compared to oils since they are typically a higher concentration of CBD.

MedTerra CBD Tincture

medterra cbd tincture

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This MedTerra CBD Tincture bottle comes with 3000mg of pure CBD in a 30ml bottle.

According to MedTerra, this 3000mg amount of CBD delivers approximately 100mg of CBD in a single 1ml dose. You also have the option of buying a 1000mg CBD bottle, which delivers 33mg of CBD per 1ml dose.

For new users, the 1000mg bottle is recommended; but more experienced CBD users or persons who are in extreme pain and are seeking relief should get the higher 3000mg bottle.

This is not something you can overdose on, but CBD does create a very relaxed feeling, and some people are nervous about using CBD for the first time, so the 1000mg bottle would be the better option.

The only other ingredient in this product is MCT oil, which brings it's own benefits. MedTerra CBD Tincture can be considered 'pure'.

This tincture comes with a dropper, and the CBD is virtually tasteless and odorless.

It is pure and completely all-natural and non-GMO. The hemp plants that the tincture comes from are pesticide-free.

To use, squeeze out a full eyedropper of CBD under your tongue and keep it there for 15 to 30 seconds for the maximum effect.

Swiss Relief Pure CBD Tincture

swiss relief pure cbd tincture

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Swiss Relief CBD Tincture comes in five different strengths. Each potency comes in a 30ml bottle.

There are only two ingredients in this tincture: CBD and hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil provides it's own benefits due to the high level of fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6).

This is one of the brands of pure tincture that gives a decent amount of information on how they extract their CBD and how their tincture tested while in the lab.

An abundance of information provided is always a good sign that a product is legitimately pure and that it is very unlikely to be contaminated or loaded with unnatural ingredients.

This tincture has only hemp oil extract and some natural flavors, nothing else--a true pure CBD tincture.

Original Hemp Natural Tincture

original hemp natural tincture

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This pure tincture is excellent for adding CBD to your food or drinks. It has a bit of an “earthy” flavor, but it's not noticeable when you mix something with it.

The listed ingredients are full-spectrum hemp oil, linalool terpene, humulene terpene (terpenes are aromatic compounds with their own affects), medium-chain triglyceride oil (often found in coconut oil), and vitamin E.

  • Linaloo terpene: is more sedative and can boost the soothing of anxiety.
  • Humulene terpene: has properties to boost your immune system and calm inflammation.

Although not a 100% pure tincture, this is an example of how a tincture can be modified to be more beneficial: CBD with terpenes.

In the lab, this tincture tested positively for high-quality, consistency, and purity.

The different potencies for this brand of tincture are 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg.

Lazarus Naturals Tropical Breeze CBD Tincture (Vegan)

lazarus naturals tropical breeze cbd tincture

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There is a lot to love about the Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture.

The first thing to love is that it is gluten-free and vegan.

With how prevalent veganism is now and the growing awareness of celiac disease, having the label “vegan and gluten-free” attached to a product automatically makes it stand out from the rest; however, that type of label is serious and should only be on a tincture if it genuinely is vegan and gluten-free.

Even if, as a customer, you are not vegan, you should still value the fact that this company takes care when they create their CBD.

It also has no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, and is made in the USA.

What is does contain is fruit extract to bring a nice taste to the consumer. This is different than a 100% pure tincture with no other additives. But the taste of fruit is a nice change.

When you start taking Lazarus Naturals CBD, unless you have prior experience with taking a highly potent tincture, begin with just 7-10 drops of the tincture every day for seven days, and then you can consider increasing your dose.

For the best results, place the dose of CBD under your tongue and hold it for about one minute before swallowing.

The ingredients of the Lazarus Naturals tincture are fractionated coconut oil, CBD isolate, and organic fruit extract.


What is best for one person is not always best for another.

With CBD products in general, different people need different levels of potency. The level that will be the most effective for you can depend on many things, but most of it has to do with your level of pain and how long during the day you need relief.

Higher concentrations of CBD will last longer and help more advanced degrees of pain. For instance, if you have had a serious back injury and need the CBD to relieve the pain while you work all day, you may need one of the pure tinctures that are 3000mg.

If a larger amount of CBD sounds intimidating to you, there is always the option of starting at a lower dose; use the 3000mg CBD bottle, but start with only a few drops of it for the first week and see how you feel.

It all depends on you and what you need. 

Things To Remember:

  1. A truly pure tincture does not have a lot of additional ingredients
  2. Pure tinctures come in varying potencies. With more milligrams comes more pain relief; but, you must start with a low dose at first if you have never tried anything with CBD before (consult with a medical professional before starting).
  3. A tincture made from locally-grown hemp (or hemp grown at the manufacturer’s location) is better because you know that the tincture oil could not have been tampered with along its way to becoming the final product.

A pure tincture may help improve your pain or anxiety significantly if you use it correctly.

CBD products aren’t approved by the FDA, but they do work for many people. Organic and pure CBD tinctures can be a great alternative to or partner with modern medicine.

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